How to choose good salt Snow day salt with high purity, differentiation circle



In today's world, consumers are increasingly pursuing a high quality of life, especially in food and beverage, even in details such as salt, but also in the pursuit of "eating good salt". So, how do you choose good salt? In this regard, there are savvy consumers believe that high purity, differentiated salt quality is more outstanding, for example, snow day salt is the choice of many consumers.

It is understood that the snow sky salt is a large listed state-owned enterprises in Hunan salt to create high-quality salt products, in Hunan salt resources, capital, location, channels, technology and other aspects of the strong strength of the support, take the road of high purity, product differentiation, success in the salt market in numerous fans. Now, the registered trademark of "Xue Tian" has been awarded as a well-known trademark in China and Hunan Province. As a strategic partner of the China Culinary Association, Xue Tian Salt has also become the "Official Salt of the China Culinary Association Competition", and as the only "China Spaceflight Partner" in the salt industry, Xue Tian Salt has always insisted on creating products with spaceflight quality, constantly enriching and We have been using it to enrich and make people's daily life healthy.

It is easy to find out the reason why high purity salt is favored by consumers from Xue Tian Salt. A consumer shared: "home cooking seasoning most like to put snow day salt, just put a little can enhance the flavor and freshness." It is reported that the purity of Xue Tian salt is as high as 99.6%, which not only far exceeds the national standard of 99.1%, but is also in the leading level of purity among similar products. The high purity of Xue Tian salt makes it richer in sodium ions, which combine with the amino acids in the ingredients to form monosodium glutamate, thus helping to enhance the flavor and freshness of the dishes.

In order for consumers to enjoy high quality salt and meet their diversified salt needs, Xue Tian Salt has launched a deep road of salt product differentiation. Among them, there are three series of Xue Tian iodized salt: well salt, sea salt and lake salt, and several categories of natural calcium salt, low sodium salt and probiotic salt. In addition, the Xue Tian Living Water Salt series is also widely acclaimed. The series includes iodized living water salt, uniodized living water salt, seaweed iodized living water salt, low sodium living water salt and other products, which are all mined using national level drinking water, ecological and natural, living water as the source, both health and purity characteristics. It is worth mentioning that all four products have obtained the Green Food Mark, which is licensed by the China Green Food Development Center, and are worthy of consumption by consumers.

How to choose a good salt? Salt is considered to be the first of all flavors and has a profound impact on the seasoning of dishes. When purchasing salt, consumers may want to choose a high purity salt such as Xue Tian Salt to enjoy the flavor and freshness of the salt, while combining their own salt needs and choosing the right salt for them from the differentiated salt products.


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