What are the benefits of washing your face with salt?



A. What are the benefits of washing your face with salt

1, salt has a de-oiling effect, can relieve the secretion of oil on the face, to maintain the balance of oil and water on the face.

2, salt is safer than facial cleansers, because there are no additives, the effect is more natural.

3, to remove acne traces and flatten the skin bump: finger belly with a little salt, in the acne traces or bump parts in a spiral massage three times, and then take sufficient salt compress in the need to "solve" the part, after five or six minutes to wash away. Note: Do not massage the growing acne.

4、Remove rough skin and dark spots: use water to wet the salt on the face, massage for 1 minute with the same force as when washing the face, draw a large circle from bottom to top in both cheeks with the nose as the center. Then use your fingertips to rub in circles on the black spot part.

5, salt can effectively get rid of the face of the keratin, with a certain whitening effect. And can be sterilized, can remove the bacteria on the face.

Now we know what are the benefits of washing your face with salt, salt we will often use, many times we do not know to use it to wash your face, but wash your face with salt also has a lot of places to pay attention to, of course, the most fundamental is to use according to their own skin condition, if the skin can be used that is better, so as to avoid salt to bring some harm to the skin.

Second, what are the benefits and disadvantages of salt

Salt high harmful effects

1, high blood pressure: many studies have confirmed that a high salt diet has the effect of raising blood pressure.

2, promote atherosclerosis: eat more salt can not only raise high blood pressure, but also can make the plasma cholesterol rise, has the role of promoting atherosclerosis.

3, to stomach cancer: high concentration of salt can damage the gastric mucosa, inducing gastric cancer.

4, susceptible to colds: people who eat more salt are susceptible to colds. Because the high concentration of salt can inhibit the activity of respiratory cells, inhibit their ability to fight disease; at the same time can also reduce saliva, so that the oral lysozyme reduced, increasing the chances of viruses and germs in the upper respiratory tract infection.

5, accelerate the loss of bone calcium: more salt susceptible to osteoporosis. Animal experiments have shown that after 12 months of feeding high salt feed to rabbits, their bone density decreased by 50%.

The benefits of salt.

I. Salt brightens the eyes

After doing normal cleaning, play half a basin of warm water, sprinkle a small amount of salt to let it melt, immerse your face in light salt water, open your eyes in the water, and move your eyeballs up and down to achieve the effect of washing your eyes with fresh water.

In less than two weeks, you will find that your eyes become bright and shiny up, which is a veritable "electric eye beauty".

Two, salt to fight acne

In fact, for the back with acne "persistent problems", salt is also useful. After the bath to let the body fully warm, to open the pores after more salt in the back, all the corners to wipe. Massage with a bath brush for 1 minute, not too hard, as long as the skin and the salt between the brush can move, then use a sponge dipped in light salt water, stick on the back for 10 minutes, wash with water.

Wash a few times and then see, the acne on the back is slowly attacked.

Third, what are the precautions of salt

One, buy less and eat in time. Buy in small quantities and eat up, the purpose is to prevent the sublimation of iodine. Because potassium iodate will decompose and volatilize under heat, light, wind and humidity conditions.

Second, avoid high temperature. Avoid putting iodized salt at high temperatures when stir-frying and making soup. When you put iodized salt in the stir-fry pot, the consumption rate of iodine is only 10%, and the consumption rate of iodized salt in the middle is 60%; when you put iodized salt in the pot, the consumption rate is 90%; when you put iodized salt in the cold dish, the consumption rate can reach 100%.

Third, avoid long-term storage in containers with open mouth. If iodized salt is in contact with sunlight and air for a long time, iodine will easily volatilize. It is best to put it in a colored glass bottle and keep it tightly covered and sealed after use.

Fourth, avoid adding vinegar. Iodine will be destroyed when combined with acidic substances. According to the test, if vinegar is added at the same time when stir-frying, the consumption rate of iodine will drop by 40% to 60%. In addition, when iodized salt meets acidic dishes (such as sauerkraut), the consumption rate will also decrease.

Suitable and contraindicated people

Suitable: Salt is suitable for people with acute gastroenteritis, vomiting and diarrhea, summer heat stroke, sweating and thirst, sore throat, inflammation of the mouth, bleeding gums, and lack of stomach acid causing indigestion, dry stools and habitual constipation.

Avoid: cough and thirst, edema patients should not eat; and hypertension, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease patients should limit intake, it is best to use salt (potassium chloride) or salt-free soy sauce instead of salt to promote appetite.

Four, salt must not know the wonderful use

The best use of a test prescription, care for the throat

Salt water has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, the role of care for the throat. The climate is dry in autumn, is acute (slow) pharyngitis, tonsillitis of the high incidence of season. When the throat feels slightly uncomfortable, salt water can be used as a morning gargle; when the throat feels swollen and painful, you can gargle with concentrated salt water 5 to 6 times a day; chronic pharyngitis patients can drink 1 cup of light warm salt water in the morning or gargle with light warm salt water 3 to 4 times a day. Can play a better preventive and therapeutic role.

Natural hemostasis

Salt has the effect of enhancing blood clotting. If your nose bleeds, you can use a cotton pad dipped in salt water and stuffed into your nostrils, while drinking 1 cup of salt soup; if small bleeding occurs inside the mouth, such as bleeding gums, fish bone stabbing throat bleeding, etc., you can gargle salt soup to play a natural role in stopping bleeding.

The third test prescription, treatment of eye disease

If you suffer from trachoma, you can use light salt water to wash your eyes; if your eyes are red and swollen, you can add a teaspoon of fine salt to 600 ml of warm boiling water, leave it to dissolve, soak it in a cotton pad for a while, and then take out the cotton pad and apply pressure to the swollen eye, which will immediately reduce the swelling.

The fourth test prescription, refreshing alcohol

Salt has the effect of clearing heat and calming the mind. When a person is drunk, vomiting more than, dizzy, can immediately drink 1 small cup of salt water, not only can solve drunkenness, but also as soon as possible to eliminate the unbearable suffering.

Wonderful test prescription five, get rid of body odor

Salt has the effect of deodorant. Patients with armpit odor can be wrapped in cloth with fried hot coarse salt rub armpits, or take 150 grams of fine salt, chrysanthemum 100 grams, add bath water, soak 2 times a month, body odor can be completely eliminated.


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