Expert advice: the purchase of edible salt



What should I pay attention to when buying edible salt?

The first thing to look for is whether the packaging is intact; the second thing to look for is whether the label on the bag is printed with the name, net content, ingredient list, factory name, factory address, production date, standard number, and distributor. At present, the edible salt in Shanghai is purchased, distributed and distributed by China Salt Shanghai Salt Company.

Fluorine is mainly absorbed in the stomach and distributed in the body mainly in the bone marrow and teeth, which can prevent dental caries and senile osteoporosis. Low fluorine not only affects teeth but also bones to some extent. However, excessive intake of fluorine can cause fluorosis and "spotted teeth", and long-term excessive intake of fluorine can also cause damage to bones and kidneys.

Nutrient-fortified salt is generally those edible salts that have been fortified with nutrients. For example, calcium fortified salt is the addition of calcium lactate, active calcium, calcium phosphate, biological calcium and other raw materials to ordinary table salt. Since the acidity, alkalinity and solubility of various fortifying elements are different, adding them to edible salt can have a great impact on the acidity, alkalinity and solubility of edible salt.

The pH of ordinary edible salt is generally in the range of 5 to 6, which is weakly acidic and easily soluble in water. Some nutritionally fortified salt, on the other hand, has a pH value of 12 due to the addition of nutrient fortification, which is strongly alkaline and extremely difficult to dissolve in water. Salt that is too alkaline will cause some damage to the stomach. The difficulty of dissolving in water causes difficulties in the absorption of sodium and chloride ions in edible salt by the human body.

In order to eliminate iodine deficiency diseases, the state gives priority to ensuring the supply of iodized salt to residents in iodine-deficient areas, and gradually implements the supply of iodized salt to the whole population, except for areas with high iodine levels.


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