Is natural well salt edible?



In our daily life, we are no stranger to salt, which is a necessity in our kitchen. There are many types of salt, such as sea salt, well salt and so on. Sea salt has long been used as a condiment in every household, but many people do not know much about well salt, and do not know whether it is edible or not.

Well salt is known as "well salt", "mine salt", "underground salt", etc. Well salt is made by extracting salt from underground mines. There are two main ways to extract well salt, one is by drilling wells to extract natural brine from the ground, and the other is by mining underground rock salt and then processing it, i.e. well salt and mine salt. With the development of the production process, well salt has gradually replaced sea salt as the monopoly of edible salt. When you buy it, the one with the word "sea" on the package is sea salt, and the one with refined salt is well salt. Is natural well salt edible? Yes, naturally.

With the reform of the salt industry, many salt companies have launched well salt products one after another. For example, the state-owned Hunan Salt Industry's Xue Tian Seaweed Iodized Salt. What about Xue Tian salt? It is understood that Xue Tian seaweed iodized salt is made of clean rock salt, refined by the international advanced vacuum salt production process, and extracts natural iodine from seaweed, so it is healthy, nutritious and pure. Because of the technical support, the "salt value" of Xue Tian Seaweed Iodized Salt is very durable, with fine grains, pure white color and crystal clear. In addition, it does not contain any anti-caking agent and always maintains a purity higher than the national standard of 99.6%, so consumers can eat it with confidence.

It is also worth mentioning that, as a strategic partner of the China Culinary Association, "Xue Tian" is also the "designated salt for the China Culinary Association competition", which has won the affirmation of authoritative organizations and the industry, so the quality is guaranteed.

It seems that the question of "can natural well salt be consumed" is certain, but when you buy it, make sure to go to regular stores and supermarkets to buy it. Don't hoard too much at a time, and pay attention to storage after the package is opened.


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