How to choose good salt? High purity salt is safer and more flavorful



Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the connection between diet and health, and the scientific concept of "eating less salt and eating good salt" is accepted by more and more people. So, how to choose a good salt? In this issue, salt safety and flavor enhancement are the most important aspects that consumers are concerned about, and both of these aspects are related to the purity of salt.

Some professionals in the salt industry point out: "How to choose good salt? Salt purity is the key. High purity salt has fewer impurities, not only the safety quality is more secure, and less interference with the taste of dishes, and better flavor." It is understood that the sodium ions in salt combine with the amino acids in the ingredients to form sodium glutamate, which in turn helps to enhance the flavor and freshness of the dish. High purity salt has a higher sodium ion content, which means that high purity salt has a better flavor enhancement effect.

Understanding the link between salt purity and its safety and flavor enhancement, many consumers tend to purchase high purity salt products. So, what kind of salt is high purity salt? According to the National Standard for Edible Salt (GB5461-2000), edible salt can be classified according to its production and processing methods: refined salt, crushed and washed salt, and sun-dried salt. Among them, the highest purity requirement is for premium-grade refined salt, and a purity of 99.1% and above is one of the criteria for premium-grade refined salt. Some astute consumers have found that the purity of Xue Tian Seaweed Iodized Salt is 99.6%, which not only exceeds the national standard, but is also the leading purity among similar products.

It is reported that Xuetian Seaweed Iodized Salt is produced by Hunan Salt Industry, a listed state-owned enterprise. As the first modern joint-stock company in the national salt industry with integrated production and marketing and inter-provincial association, Hunan Salt has established a team of innovative scientific and technological talents and accumulated strong technical advantages, obtaining 80 patents, of which 18 are invention patents. With such strong technical strength, Hunan Salt has made great efforts to build the brand of "Xue Tian" salt, with "99.6% purity, the purer the taste" as the spiritual core of Xue Tian salt products, reflecting the pursuit of quality and health of salt produced by Hunan Salt. The pursuit of health. It is in this context that Xuetian Seaweed Iodized Salt was born.

Hunan Salt obtains its salt from underground rock salt deposits and processes it through brine extraction, vacuum evaporation, crystallization, drying, vacuum sieving and other processes to raise the sodium chloride purity of Xue Tian Seaweed Iodized Salt to 99.6%, which is much higher than the purity of the national superior refined salt. It is worth mentioning that Xue Tian Seaweed Iodized Salt also includes natural iodine extracted from seaweed, which is easily absorbed by the human body and is beneficial for daily iodine supplementation.

How to choose the best salt? High purity salt is the best choice for daily seasoning. Hunan Salt pursues the corporate motto of "Health and enrichment of people's good life" and has been exploring healthy concept products, launching the 99.6% pure Xue Tian seaweed iodized salt to enhance the taste of the general public!


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